Note: a number of informal advisory and coaching calls with Dorian are included in your AOC program participation at no additional fee.

BUT if you feel like you need a focused coaching plan, you may consider the:


If you:

  • would like more career or personal development support during a specific phase of Agents of Change

  • would like an accountability partner who can help hold you to action commitments and keep you moving forward

  • would like a place to deepen your integration of what you are learning in the Agents of Change program

Dorian can provide individual coaching to give you that additional support.


Our work together starts with an individual session to review what you want to focus on, i.e. "your agenda". In this session, you will clarify your medium term goals and objectives, as well as the deeper sense of purpose that will underpin you in your journey. In short, the topic for each coaching session, and coaching as a whole, will be shaped by what you most want to get out of the coaching.

Coaching is not advising, mentoring or therapy. It is about having a professionally trained partner help you unveil your own answers and insights, find clarity in stuck moments, and support you with tools, methods and processes that will grow you self-awareness, improve your interpersonal impact and enable you to operate from a place of systemic awareness and skills.

Coaching sessions take place by phone, Zoom or Skype. You can purchase coaching sessions anytime during the Agents of Change program. The package is for four coaching sessions and you can use the coaching sessions anytime within 3 months of purchase. I recommend that you choose a coaching schedule of one session every week or every other week, to get the most out of your coaching experience.

eight Coaching sessions over two to three months  – $1000

If you would like to schedule a consultation session with Dorian, please email her


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