To the many people who have helped me become the woman I am today and have influenced my work and its impact


Mom and Papa' - for everything/per tutto


My Mentors, Guides, Role Models and Teachers along the way

Childhood real life heroines - Mart, Tatiana De Bartolomeo, Berta Tatta, Signora Molotzu, Signorina Gioa, my cousins Maria and Anna Rita

The Ecole Europeenne de Bruxelles professors and classmates - for all the math, physics, biology and philosophy classes, the student strike experience, the school trips to Prague and to Paris, the cross-cultural appreciation of the European Union's potential

The College of William & Mary - for giving me my first experience of the US, teaching me to persevere, strive and play, and for Lai Lee, my always best friend

Columbia University - for allowing me to discover that the business of business was going to be my lifelong PhD

My colleagues at Morgan Stanley, The Gallery of Functional Art, ARCO and BP - you shaped the contexts in which to explore my love of work as a creative process and of challenging the status quo as my calling - a special shout out to Warner Broaddus, Nicole Niederer, Andrew Gengos, Katherine White, the Maintenance Supervisors and the Union leaders of the ARCO LA Refinery,  David Osborne, Kenny Lang, Marcelo Cardoso, Nicola Shearer, Salima Shariff, Isabelle Pujol and many many others

The Leadership for Collective Intelligence 2001 program participants and faculty - Robert Hanig, Kelvy Bird, Martha Morris Graham, Ann Canham Lamont, Stuart Turnbull, Petra Kuenkel, Peter Garrett

The Coming Into Your Own guides' founding circle - Glennifer Gillespie, Beth Jandernoa, Barbara Cecil

Dialogos - Bill Isaacs, Skip Griffin, Peri Chickering, David Marsing, and Glennifer Gillespie

ALIA Institute, its visiting faculty and its participants - Arawana Hayashi, Susan Szpakowski, Jerry Granelli, Barbara Bash, Wendy Palmer, Maaianne Knuth, Gabrielle Donnelly, Bob Stilger, Jane Allen, Yolanda Noguri

Presencing Institute - Otto Scharmer

Reos Partners - Adam Kahane

Strategy & Business - Art Kleiner

Tara Mohr

The Coming Into Your Own guides and participants of the global expansion decade - dozens of colleagues and thousands of alumnae around the world that inspire me daily to deepen my practice of what I teach

Morris Graham - Martha Morris Graham, Morag Dwyer, Nicola Potts, Andrea Ingrisch, Jock Encombe, Ben Graham, Alexandra Neumann

Pluribus - Isabelle Pujol

Harthill - David Rooke

Mindkind Institute - Home Nguyen, Leng Lim, Vibha Chokani

The Sisters of the Community of the Holy Spirit

Columbia Coaching Certification faculty and participants - Terence Maltbia, Tania Fauste-Kovido, Lilia Abreu Mawson, Sherrie Douglas

Hub Associates - Stuart Turnbull, John Beedham


Women Agents of Change Founding Contributors

The first 50 women of the Founding Circle WAC2017 - thank you for you trust, your co-creative input and your continuous hunger for learning and putting the learning into action

Dan Karlson - for your contribution to my understanding of the neuroscience of personal leadership and the gifts and challenges of the mind

Nelisha Wickremasinghe - for your generosity when co-leading and your insights into the tri-motive brain and self-compassion

Isabelle Pujol - for being one of the first visiting faculty

Barbara Cecil and Peri Chickering - for sharing your wisdom during the first season of the program and welcoming me into your new offering

Jennifer Zeitler - for all the support these past several years making sure my website, my checklists, my mailchimp, my whatevers are working and not crashing and getting organized

Aimee Aubin - for your design acuity and deep creativity

Tara Agacayak - for supporting me from afar in my social venture explorations

Nousha Salimi - for your photographic artistry, essential oils knowledge and creative spirit

Stephen Knight - for being my CFO, my accountant, my expense receipts chaser, my biggest supporter, my hangout buddy and my Cape Cod sailing partner through the ups and downs and all arounds of our 25+ years of life together