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A. INTENTION LETTER TO SELF - Amel Murphy (Dubai) contributed to Session 2 based on her experience as a Founding Circle Member, her own work and the work she has guided with her women's circle in Dubai. We will leverage the Intention Letter to Self process (and output) over the course of our AOC program. The power of the process is in a) writing the letter as a draft, discovering along the way additions, deletions, changes, evolutions that will emerge, and b) calling on your future self (from late 2018) to help you write and clarify your intentions (this technique is informed by the Inner Mentor work of Tara Mohr).

Even if you are not able to join the Session 2 Videocall, please take the time to print out the Intention Letter to Self Worksheet and set some quiet time to complete it. You will be asked to review and edit it again in December 2017 and/or January 2018.


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B. INTUITIVE WRITING - Intuitive writing is a form of journaling that you may want to experiment with as a way of expanding your access to your own intuition and your inner wisdom. Try it as a practice, especially if you are the type of person who holds a strong allegiance to precise checklists, action plans, smart goals. All quite good allegiances, but they are not designed to make space for the wandering mind and wisdom of slowing down to notice subtler signals or influences.

C. LIFELINE PROCESS - The Lifeline Process is something that I encourage you to make friends with in multiple ways. It can be a quite cathartic process of reviewing life's highs and lows and discovering the gifts of all of those moments as they have shaped the person you are today. It can be used to re-imagine the narrative of how events that were genuinely difficult also served a higher purpose in that they brought with them gifts which you may still not have acknowledged. The process can also be used, most effectively with the support of expert facilitation, with others to invite a deeper senses of knowing each other, as long as the sharing is done voluntarily without demands to 'go deep' and the sharing is witnessed without others providing tips, fixes, advice or improvement ideas. And finally, a developed familiarity with one's lifeline story helps with seeing with more clarity the origins of our 'shadows' - i.e. the no longer helpful inner dialogues centered around self-criticism or the criticism of others, or the inner feelings and narratives around shame or distrust, or the preferences and judgments we may harbor for one type of leadership style versus another. But more on that when we will focus on Leadership Archetypes and their Shadows.



Design your life flow by Ayse Birsel    

Design your life flow by Ayse Birsel   

Trust Yourself - neon art by Tracy Emin

Trust Yourself - neon art by Tracy Emin





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