Some learning and reflection video resources:

Growth mindset is key to your success. Research shows that it can improve our ability to grow and develop, in all areas of life.

The Creative Process as an emergent change framework and a personal map of the core phases of any of our own change projects, goals, startup ideas, etc. My thanks to CIYO, Dialogos, the ALIA Institute and the artists in my life for inspiring me to leverage the power of the spiral. Dorian

Ted Ed video describing the Ladder of Inference and how it operates in our everyday lives.

A powerful framework that when 'practiced' can help us escape lazy thinking (and doing).

The Change Journey Model_from Britt Andreatta's Wired to Resist

Great food for thought for Change Agents. When is too much or too many changes, simply too much for us and our stakeholders to take?



Kristin Neff introduces her findings re Self-Compassion and Self-Esteem.

For more information on her work and some simple practices link

Brene Brown Ted Talk on the Power of Vulnerability. Her now famous TedTalk inviting us to consider Vulnerability as a leadership strength.

Simon Sinek reminds us of the importance of starting with our purpose: the WHY. Then HOW and WHAT follow from there.

TEAMS, TRUST AND PERFORMANCE - An excerpt with Dorian Baroni from a 2017 webinar hosted by Pluribus