SESSION 6 - February 26, 2018


1. Amy Edmondson's research on Teams, Teaming and Psychological Safety for Innovation and Performance

Amy Edmondson's research has been key in introducing two concepts into team effectiveness thinking: Psychological Safety and "teaming".

In her book Teaming, she pushes back against the research of the past that defined a team assuming a relatively stable structure with clear boundaries, defined roles and accountabilities, and specified hierarchically-informed ways of interfacing with people outside the team.

She points out that we need to address the reality of today's teams which are mostly dynamics groupings focused on addressing complexity and in a context where the speed of change has accelerated.


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If you therefore have an environment that is complex and where success depends on interdependence, she argues that framing the work as learning is the key to execution, that we should think of teaming as a dynamic rather than focus on team as a noun describing a static entity, and that psychological safety (trust+respect) is foundational.

2. Amy Edmondson's Ted Talk on the subject

3. A graphic which captures her invitation to balance equally on Psychological Safety and Motivation/Engagement/Accountability

Videocall 6 Feb 26 Slides 2.jpg

4. And finally, lasts but not least here is a link to Amy Edmondson's book Teaming on Amazon.






2. Google Project Aristotle - useful findings related to the foundational impact of Psychological Safety on high performance of their own teams

1. Google's Project Aristotle sought to identify the key differentiators of high performing performing teams at Google. Psychological Safety was their 'surprise' finding, defined as "team members feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable in front of each other". The study found that this key factor allowed team members to challenge each others, admit mistakes and be transparent with ideas. This is in turn allowed the foundation for 4 additional key factors (all 5 shown in the graphic below)

Videocall 6 Feb 26 Slides.jpg

2.  Google's Rework Web Resource is full of interesting materials on Team effectiveness

3. Google's Rework page where you can download the Managers Toolkit on how to build Psychological Safety (with behavioral examples) and if you don't have time to read through the page then here is  the PDF itself



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