SESSION 4 - JANUARY 15, 2018

I. CORE preparation MATERIALS

1. The framework of 4 Leadership Archetypes that is introduced in the CIYO program for women as well as in many other leadership workshops is a powerful way to provide us with a series of insights into our strengths, our capacities, and our areas of growth.

Of course,  no one system or model of leadership can capture the variety or depth of human nature or the uniqueness of each of us. for inner capacity building and outer impact.

But this framework has many layers to it, and can serve us well if we give ourselves the time and the experience to explore it for ourselves and together with others.


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2. Each of the Archetypes:

a. Sovereign Leadership Archetype - or Visionary Leadership - The place of Vision and Purpose

b. Lover Leadership Archetype - or Relational Leadership - The place of Connection and Empathy

c. Warrior Leadership Archetype - or Action Leadership - The place of Mission and Performance

d. Magician Leadership Archetype - or Perspective Leadership - The place of Perspective and Strategy


3. On this call, we watched Martin Luther King's speech "I have a dream.....", because it is Jan 15th 2018 and today is a US holiday to honor the work and life of Martin Luther King and the efforts, courage and vision of all the US civil rights activists. And because his speech is an inspiring and deeply moving invitation for each of us to find our own sovereign 'dream' or 'vision', and how it will guide our actions in small and big ways.


3. Gretchen Rubin's 4 Tendencies framework is new to me, but I have found its simplicity and insights deeply valuable in clarifying my own ways of relating to outer expectations and inner expectations, especially as it pertains to changing long-standing habits that may get in the way of fulfilling my intentions. Or encouraging and supporting others to do the same.

The free online test can be accessed HERE

Gretchen Rubin explaining the 4 tendencies can be accessed HERE

And explanation videos by Gretchen Rubin for each Tendency are: UpholderObligerQuestionerRebel.



Gretchen Rubin's book is a good resource for those who want to go deeper in their review of the 4 Tendencies and strategies to work with each. Link coming soon.









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