SESSION 11 - June 11, 2018


1. In this session, we reviewed again the concept and realities of a System so as to begin to hone our ability to use the concept in real life when looking at transforming something within ourselves (our thoughts, our behaviors, a mindset, a way of habitually being in certain circumstances) or with others (how we may approach particular people because we have an idea in our head about what they will be like) or a group of people together (how might their web of interdependence cause the very dysfunctions they or we are trying to resolve).

We used the Iceberg Model diagnostic to case lab a situation confidentially brought to us by one of the participants. (apologies to alumnae but you won't be able to see the video recording of the case lab)


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2. The Slides we used during the session (review of Systems Thinking and Iceberg model + Introduction to David Kantor's 4 Player model) document we used during the call may be useful to some of you as a refresher. It contains the Iceberg model and the diagnostic questions that can be used to really understand the current reality of a system you intend to improve.

As well as David Kantor's Structural Dynamics 4-Player model (move, follow, oppose, bystand). The 4 Player model allows us to see the invisible dynamics of any conversation, so as to become more skilled at intervening in the moment.












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